Andrei Fridman

Andrei Fridman


Welcome to my webpage.

A few words about myself. I write music. :) I write for piano, violin, viola, and (very seldom) for other instruments.

Here you can listen to my music and download the sheet music for the pieces that you would like to perform yourself. Enjoy!

If you like my music, then perhaps you will like this CD:

"A. Fridman: 19 Piano Pieces" pianist Irina Parshina (available on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby etc.)

Also, please check out a few recordings of my music by various musicians below on this page.

Best regards,

Andrei Fridman

Natalia Czerska-Kacprzak (violin) "Snowflake"

Mikhail Iakovlev (viola) "Two Caprices for Viola Solo"

Irina Parshina (piano) "Walk in a Fairytale Forest"

Marzena Kowalska (piano) "Prelude No.3"

Natalia Czerska-Kacprzak (violin, viola), Chi Yuming (cello) "Waltz for Strings" (version for string quintet)

Mikhail Iakovlev "Waters of Sognefjord" (string orchestra)

Neue Noten
Dance of a Marionette (viola solo)
Klassische Musik / Zeitgenössisch
Gigue a-moll for Viola Solo
Klassische Musik / Zeitgenössisch
Caprice No.1 for Viola Solo
Klassische Musik / Zeitgenössisch
Caprice No.2 for Viola Solo
Klassische Musik / Zeitgenössisch
Transience - viola solo (fingering by Mikhail Iakovlev)
Klassische Musik / Etüde
Transience - viola solo
Klassische Musik / Zeitgenössisch
Waltz for Strings (quintet, full score and parts)
Klassische Musik / Kammermusik
Snowflake - violin solo (edition by Natalia Czerska-Kacprzak)
Klassische Musik / Zeitgenössisch
Snowflake - violin solo (urtext)
Klassische Musik / Zeitgenössisch
Fugue a-moll
Klassische Musik / Fuge